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Residential Construction Rules

  • Fall Protection height is 6’ above a suitable lower level. (Not a sloped roof or joists)
  • Fall protection connections must be metal to metal.
  • Harness systems must be checked for date of manufacture. (Usually 5 year life)
  • Only one person allowed per anchor of 5000 lb rating.
  • Guardrail top must be 39’’-45’’.
  • Guardrail Midrail must be ½ the distance to the top rail.
  • Toe kicks required on flat areas with guardrails-must be 3 ½ or larger.
  • Stairs with 4 or more Risers must have a guardrail system.
  • Ladders must extend 3’ past the point of access.
  • Extension Ladders must be used at a 4:1 angle ratio.
  • A-Frame ladders cannot be used folded up.
  • Workers cannot stand on the top step of an A-frame ladder.
  • Scaffold fall protection is required over 10’. Scaffolding has to comply with all rules. No 2x10 walkboards.
  • Scaffolding needs a mudsill, manufacturer’s feet and leveling legs.
  • Hardhats required if there is a danger of Head injury.
  • Safety glasses required if there is a danger of any eye injury.
  • Extension cords cannot have any damage to the outer sheath. Extension cords repair with electrical tape is not permitted.
  • Extension cords must have a factory plug with a strain relief.
  • All saws must have the factory guard in use.
  • Nail guns must have the safety in use.