Pike Consulting Group is a Leading Safety Solutions Provider for People Working in THESE Hazardous Industries:

Bringing years of experience as builders and contractors to our safety training programs

Establish a sustainable safety system explicitly designed for your business that benefits both workers and management.

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We provide safety training options for employers according to OSHA Standards

Industrial safety is a vital investment in the overall health of your operation and well-being of your workers.

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Pike Consulting Group provides safety training classes for city and county employees
Public Works & Municipalities SAFETY

It's considered good policy to have your Public Works & Municipalities professionals trained to at least the minimum federal standard.

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Anywhere you need to ensure jobsite and workplace safety, Pike Consulting Group is there for you. We're proudly providing the top Safety Training and Safety Management Programs across the United States.

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OUR Proven Approach to Safety Training IS Built upon Three Core Pillars:

Training, empowerment & accountability


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'Make It Meaningful, Make It Stick'
Early Identification & Correction of Dangerous Situations
Resources to Correct Issues

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Everyone Can Stop Unsafe Work
Look Out for Team Members -
You May Save Their Life
No Shortcuts - Do It Right

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Eliminate Excuses
Fair Reprimand System
Jobs Depend on Safety

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we proudly provide supervisors, employees and contractors with the safety training, resources and know-how to do their jobs, the safe way, every day.

We Are Your Partner in Understanding OSHA

Pike Consulting Group is comprised of Authorized Safety Professionals specializing in general industry and construction safety management systems for a variety of hazardous industries. We're helping supervisors, employees, contractors and crews understand and maintain safety compliance standards and avoid hefty OSHA citations.


OSHA Authorized General Industry & Construction Trainers


Documented safety policies, procedures and training modules


Certified Field Trainers


National Safety Council Certified Defensive Driving Instructors

Construction Safety

Establish a sustainable safety system explicitly designed for your commercial construction business that benefits both workers and management. Change the way your supervisors, contractors, and crews think about safety by providing onsite, instructor-led training that's engaging and memorable.

Meet your OSHA compliance obligations and have the right systems and processes in place to reduce accidents, minimize risk and optimize your productivity.

  • Residential Construction Safety

    Residential construction is a high-risk industry due to the exposure to work-related safety hazards and fall injuries. 'Residential builder' is the 2nd most cited industry group in all OSHA standards.

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  • Multi-Family Construction Safety

    Townhomes, condominiums, and live, work, play plazas have shown an increase in demand for metropolitan buyers who want these amenities close by. Multi-Family construction has unique risks for everyone from Subcontractors to the General Contractors overseeing the projects.

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  • Commercial Construction Safety

    As light and heavy commercial construction work increases, so do job site hazards and injury risks. Construction companies must be diligent to ensure the safest possible conditions for their workers.

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Pike Consulting Group provides people in hazardous industries with the training and know-how to perform their jobs safely.

Invest in Your Worker's Success

  • Reduce OSHA fines
  • Provide Resources
  • Inspect Work Sites
  • Hold Workers Accountable

Limit YOUR Preventable Expenses

  • Identify and Limit Exposure to Potential Hazards
  • Respond to Any Problems Quickly
  • Operate Equipment Safely for Less Damage

Reduce Costly Insurance Claims

  • Less Accidents and Injuries
  • Fewer Insurance Claims
  • Lower Insurance Costs

Experience Less overall Downtime

  • Safe Work Environment
  • Better Morale
  • Less Employee Turnover
  • More Loyal and Productive Workforce
  • Training
  • Empowerment
  • Accountability
How Can We Help?

One of the best ways to protect your employees, eliminate hazards, and ensure compliance is to continuously assess your workplace conditions and take immediate action where you have gaps. Pike Consulting Group’s unique solutions will alleviate you from the daunting challenges associated with maintaining OSHA compliance standards.

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About Pike Consulting Group

Pike Consulting Group is a company comprised of authorized safety professionals specializing in general industry and construction safety management systems in the Metro Atlanta Area. Pike Consulting Group’s founders, Mitchell Smith and Gary DeGeorge Sr. designed its client’s safety management systems with an approach allowing employers to grow their businesses, maintain safe and adequate personnel and to avoid hefty citations.

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