Our Organization Health and Safety Management System was awarded the “Safety Award for Excellence"” by the NAHB.

This system is designed to be tailored to your organization and cover all related trades working for you. Our proven techniques have offered multiple clients across several industries guidance to ensure safe work practices are performed on their projects.

The Five Major Components

OSHA expresses that there are 5 major components to comply with safety standards.

  • Develop a written Health and Safety Plan specific to the hazards your workers face
  • Train employees and subcontractors in all job site hazards
  • Conduct frequent and regular inspections of workers performance
  • Administer ongoing training relative to the specific tasks being performed
  • Maintain a progressive reward - reprimand program

Proper documentation

Proper documentation is essential in maintaining your compliance system. All required documentation and forms are available in the system to ensure you have what is needed when audits are performed on your job sites.

Documentation included:

  • Written Health and Safety Plan
  • Training attendance documentation
  • Employee and subcontractor handbooks
  • Employee and subcontractor safety agreements
  • Job site inspection forms
  • Incident report forms
  • Corrective action forms

Did You Know?

Employees with OSHA Authorized Safety Training are less likely to put themselves in dangerous situations and less prone to litigate should an accident or injury occur.

  • Training
  • Empowerment
  • Accountability
About Pike Consulting Group

Pike Consulting Group is a company comprised of authorized safety professionals specializing in general industry and construction safety management systems in the Metro Atlanta Area. Pike Consulting Group’s founders, Mitchell Smith and Gary DeGeorge Sr. designed its client’s safety management systems with an approach allowing employers to grow their businesses, maintain safe and adequate personnel and to avoid hefty citations.

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How Can We Help?

One of the best ways to protect your employees, eliminate hazards, and ensure compliance is to continuously assess your workplace conditions and take immediate action where you have gaps. Pike Consulting Group’s unique solutions will alleviate you from the daunting challenges associated with maintaining OSHA compliance standards.

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