Pike Consulting Group Has a Custom Solution to Fit Your Organization's Specific Safety Needs

Our award-winning Five Step Safety Management System is proven to provide a comprehensive approach to making your organization safety compliant. We work directly with your leadership to develop and implement a customized safety system to fit your needs.

The Five Step Safety Management System

Understanding the Five Steps to Safety Compliance


Develop a written health and safety plan


Train employees and subcontractors on all job site hazards


Conduct regular and frequent jobsite evaluations


Administer ongoing training to workers on the job sites


Maintain a progressive reward - reprimand program

Our system also provides the necessary safety training for employees and trade partners to know and understand the hazards they face and how to mitigate them. Comprehensive on the job safety audits and ongoing training are key in assessing the ongoing performance of workers and assisting them in creating solutions for the tasks at hand.

A progressive reward and reprimand system is used to motivate personnel to work efficiently and within Federal and Company standards.

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Pike Consulting Group proudly provides organizations with a customized, comprehensive six-part Safety Solution

Select an Item Below to Learn How Pike Can Help Your Organization at Each Step:

1.Introductory Organization Safety Assessment

Safety assessments can be used to gauge where your organization is in regards to safety. These tools are used to examine overall workplace safety, organization safety culture, and identify critical components of your system. We offer two forms of safety assessment.

  • Comprehensive safety assessment. This option will have one of our dedicated safety managers come to the workplace to perform a detailed assessment.
  • We also offer a self-assessment tool that is free to use.
    Click here to access the Pike Consulting Group Self-Assessment Tool.
2. Organization Health and Safety Management System

Our industry proven Safety Compliance System consists of the 5 major components required by OSHA to be compliant. We develop a trade specific written safety program for your organization and train leadership and employees on how to maintain compliance.

  • OSHA compliant organization tailored written safety plan
  • Required documents and forms
  • Provides a resource to abate recognized hazards
  • Recordkeeping System
  • Employee and subcontractor agreements

We work directly with you to develop and implement a comprehensive safety system specifically designed for your needs. By considering the hazards that are specific to what you do, we are able to develop a solution which improves site safety while best allowing you to focus on the growth of your business. We maintain your system and manage the required documentation to be produced when needed. As a management service client, you will receive representation should OSHA visit your job site.

Safety Compliance Management Services:
  • Receive Representation for any Involvement with OSHA
  • Company Specific Health and Safety Plan
  • Assigned Safety Manager
  • Employee and Subcontractor Initial Safety Training
  • Frequent and Regular Safety Meetings with Onsite Workers
  • Job Site Inspection and Abatement of Hazards
  • Job Site Compliance Reports
  • Creation of a Reinforcement System to Improve Organization Safety Culture
  • Securely Maintained Record Keeping System
4. Safety Training

Our team consists of OSHA authorized instructors with experience in educating workers from all backgrounds in organizational safety programs and procedures.

  • Safety professional led interactive training for OSHA standards tailored to your specific occupation
  • Trade specific and engaging training that encourages participation
  • Training designed to empower workers and improve safety culture
  • Instruction available in English and Spanish

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5. OSHA Compliance and Representation

Our experienced safety managers will be by your side should OSHA conduct an investigation on your job site. We act on your behalf to produce required documentation and responsibly communicate with OSHA investigators.

  • Speak directly with OSHA investigators
  • Recall and produce training and inspection documentation
6. Safety Through Design

Safety through design is the process of mitigating hazards during the planning phases of a project. This can be applied to construction or general industry. With the specialized backgrounds of our safety managers we can walk through this process with you step by step.

  • Training
  • Empowerment
  • Accountability
About Pike Consulting Group

Pike Consulting Group is a company comprised of authorized safety professionals specializing in general industry and construction safety management systems in the Metro Atlanta Area. Pike Consulting Group’s founders, Mitchell Smith and Gary DeGeorge Sr. designed its client’s safety management systems with an approach allowing employers to grow their businesses, maintain safe and adequate personnel and to avoid hefty citations.

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One of the best ways to protect your employees, eliminate hazards, and ensure compliance is to continuously assess your workplace conditions and take immediate action where you have gaps. Pike Consulting Group’s unique solutions will alleviate you from the daunting challenges associated with maintaining OSHA compliance standards.

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